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Liberty Students Learn By Using Dash Robots

Students at Liberty Elementary had the opportunity to use Dash robots to learn to code and learn more about computer science.  Third and fourth grade students practiced basic coding and programming skills by using a drag and drop coding app on the iPads.  They were able to apply these basic skills by creating a maze of road for their Dash robot to drive through, using the code they developed.  The fourth grade students also used Dash robots to go on a treasure hunt to find items that were hidden throughout the Liberty gymnasium. The students had to use an app on the iPad to get their robot to find the treasure.  The fifth grade students used the Dash robots to compete in robot wars.  The students were divided into pairs and each pair had a balloon attached to their robot.  The pairs competed against other 5th grade pairs to see if they could pop the other teams' balloons.  After the robot wars, the students either created a maze for their robots to get through or completed a choreographed routine.  All students were actively engaged in all aspects of STEM including problem solving strategies.  The Dash robot labs were taught by Ashton Scholtz from Greenbush as part of the STEM learning program.  #learningatliberty #libertyroundup #STEM #icancode



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