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Connect Program Helps Student Acclimate to GHS

The Connect Mentorship program is a school-community building program where the experience of successful juniors and seniors can help guide and support freshman.  At the same time, these juniors and seniors gain leadership experience.  The program aims to increase academic achievement and increase positive interaction among the grade levels.  The juniors and seniors chosen for these posts are selected based on communication skills, responsibility, self-confidence, organization, enthusiasm, and academics. 

At Galena High School, each freshman is placed into a "Connect Crew" that is mentored by three upperclassmen.   Each Connect Crew consists of 5-8 freshmen,  their Connectors, and a Super Connector.  The Connectors serve as mentors for the year and start out the year by sending home welcoming notes to each freshman a few days before the beginning of school.  The Connect Crews get to know each other on the first day of school in hopes that they will foster a positive working relationship where the freshmen are comfortable going to their Connectors for academic, extracurricular, and other help throughout their freshman year.  They also are in charge of freshman orientation on the first day of school.  During this orientation time, Connectors take their Crews on a tour of the school, providing helpful information about each teacher along the way, and also sharing their "Top Ten Things Freshmen Need to Know" list. 

Throughout the school year, the Connect Crews meet during seminar to work on homework, get advice, etc.  During this time, Connectors can tutor students that need help in certain classes in hopes of helping the students to improve their grades.  Connectors are also available in each seminar for students to utilize on a daily basis.  Reward trips are held at the end of each quarter, or in the case of 4th quarter, after midterms to help encourage students to have good grades and attendance.  Connect Crews members that meet the criteria, including having at least a C in all classes and 90% attendance, at the end of each quarter are eligible to go on reward trips.  These reward trips include trips to 5 Mile Camp for zip lining and horseback riding, bowling, golf, and an end of the year cookout.

In the past two years, GHS has added "Super Connectors" to the Connect Mentorship program.  Each of the Super Connectors is in charge of two Connect Crews.  Their job is to be the facilitator between the program coordinators and the Connectors.  An added benefit of the Super Connector addition is these students not only "connect" with the freshmen, but they also connect with new students that come to GHS.  These Super Connectors are available to give new students a tour of the school on their first day, as well as introduce them to their teachers.  They also help the students to navigate the lunch line and are available for any questions the students may have throughout the year.

If you have any questions about the Connect Mentorship program please contact the program coordinators, Mrs. Orns or Mrs. Simmons.

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