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Central Office


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District Email Addresses


District Personnel

Smith, Brian Superintendent
Clarkson, Dave Maintenance Supervisor
Cooper, Tracy Speech Pathologist
Grotheer, Jason District Technology Facilitator
Hall, Jessica Bookkeeper/Payroll Clerk
Henderson, Allison Board Clerk/Payroll Clerk
Kafka, Jennifer School Psychologist
Kellogg, DeAnn School Nurse
Oglesby, Barbie Bookkeeper/Treasurer
Overton, Keith School Psychologist
Phipps, Sherry Information Specialist
Phipps, Steve Technology
Price, Angela Gifted Para
Smith, Marcia Gifted
Wade, Dianna Lunchroom Collector
Wade, Lesa Cafeteria

Galena High School

VanCleave, Toby Principal
Sarwinski, Beau Assistant Principal/Athletic Director
Krouse, Brad Counselor
Bogle, Michelle Secretary
Byrd, Ryan Social Studies
Cook, Ken Science
Cruse, Danielle Art
Daniel, Danna Technology
Davis, Jamie Industrial Arts
Dawes, JC Sports Fitness
Day, Jerry Chemistry
Dinkel, Andrea Instrumental Music
Green, Dianna At Risk Para
Hayes, Sherry 10-12 Resource/Inclusion
Hunt, Derik Social Studies
Meyr, Matt Math
Ozbun, Sara 9th Resource/Inclusion
Pate, Paige Spanish
Perry, Cory Physical Education/Wellness Director
Pierson, Dennis Construction Trades
Price, Brad Math
Scarrow, Preston Physical Education
Shank, Jessica English
Shannon, Sydney Vocal Music
Simmons, Lori Library Media Specialist
Spencer, Amber English

Galena Middle School

Klaver, Lisa Principal

Sarwinski, Beau

Athletic Director
Krouse, Brad Counselor
McBride, Penny Secretary
Bailey, Ross Technology
Ballantyne, Tamara Math
Carlisle, Penny Para-Professional
Cruse, Danielle Art
Dawes, JC                        Social Studies/Physical Education
Dinkel, Andrea Instrumental Music
Gratton, Tiffany Science
Lee, Rayanna Math
McQuillan, Tabitha Math
Moss, Diana Social Studies
Outt, Dennis Science
Ozbun, Sara 8th Resource/Inclusion
Perry, Cory Physical Education/Wellness Director
Rohr, Dan Language Arts
Russell, Jodi Science/Social Studies
Shannon, Sydney Vocal Music
Thompson, Kalyn 6th & 7th Resource/Inclusion
Williams, Mary Language Arts

Liberty Elementary School

New, Susan Principal
Masters, Larry Counselor
Dunaway, AnnaLisa Secretary
Krouse, Debbie 5th grade
Rowton, Carly 5th grade
Warstler, Terri 5th Grade
Giesel, Josh 4th Grade
Haney, Amanda 4th Grade
Henderson, Suzette 4th Grade
Bash, Nancy 3rd Grade
Perry, Lisa 3rd Grade
Smith, Jamie 3rd Grade
Bailey, Tara Reading & Math
Cruse, Danielle Art
Boyes, Darlene Computer Lab
LaTurner, Tina Liberty Resource/Inclusion
Spears, Connie Computer Lab
Thompson, Kalyn 5th Resource/Inclusion
VanCleave, Shelli Reading & Math
Wesley, Melissa Physical Education
Whited, DeAnn Para-Professional
Wright, Whitney Vocal Music

Spring Grove Primary Center

Smith, Brian Principal
Dubry, Dana School Counselor
Lindsey, Kay Secretary
Henson, Shawna 2nd Grade
Miller, Brianna 2nd Grade
Murphy, Danielle 2nd Grade
Beier, Kerri 1st Grade
Cawyer, Robin 1st Grade
David, Terra 1st Grade
Boyes, Kayleigh Kindergarten
Hulsey, Kim Kindergarten
Potter, Shonda Kindergarten
Blair, Boone Computer Lab
Brittle, Angie At Risk 4 Year Old Preschool
Clarkson, Kristi Lunchroom Collector
Cruse, Danielle Art
Martin, Jacoby Title Reading/Math and Science
Moyer, Ratava Early Childhood
Summers, Catherine Spring Grove Resource/Inclusion
Wesley, Melissa Physical Education
Woodward, Deann Title Reading/Math
Wright, Whitney Vocal Music



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